The Soundtrack of Vizcaya

Rococo desig in Vizcaya's Music Room, complete a harp, harpsicord and other instruments

Imagine the music

As you walk through the timeless halls of Vizcaya’s Main House, you might feel as if a soundtrack is playing in your head. As you go from room to and room and traverse different periods of time, that music might change.

First, you may think you hear a harp playing Baroque music as you enter the Music Room. Then perhaps a rendition of the Phantom of the Opera might take over as you see the pipe organ in the Living Room.

Sounds of the soundtrack

As you then venture into the gardens, perhaps these tunes change into movie soundtracks as you walk by the Swimming Pool Grotto and imagine Ace Ventura climbing the banister to the theme of Mission Impossible.

If you like the idea of creating a soundtrack for your Vizcaya visit, check out the museum’s Spotify account. In collaboration with staff, we have created playlists themed after different rooms, design styles, and time periods. Enjoy!

Up for a Tour?

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Vizcaya aerial view with the Main House and gardens as well as views of Biscayne Bay and downtown Miami

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