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Viewing Vizcaya's digital collection on a desktop computer

This remarkable historic collection is now online, available for researchers or anyone who would like to view museum objects and archival materials up close with detailed information. It has been a long-term goal to provide online access to Vizcaya’s object and archival collections, and the pandemic lockdown made it possible to focus on this project. With funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities, we were able to provide access to a wider, online audience.

Museum Objects

This section features museum objects that are on view throughout the museum and in the gardens, in addition to rarely seen objects in permanent storage. Online digital images allow you to see the objects from several angles, including a zoom function that allows the viewer to clearly see an object’s material, detailed design elements, or fabrication method.  Object entries also include details like when and where an item was created, the materials used, artists or craftsmen, and purchase details.

Screen capture of the Digital Object Catalogue at Vizcaya
The object detail page for Museum Objects shares specifics, including artist or maker, date and location of creation, medium, dimensions, location in the museum, and a description. Several images allow you to see the item from several angles, and you can explore similar items by clicking on the Related objects linked at the bottom of the page.

Archival Items

This section includes historic correspondence, photographs, and estate purchase records. Information about each archival item includes who created the item (usually as the author of a letter or as the photographer of an image), when it was created, and what the item is about—a letter might be about construction work, for example, and a photograph might be of Mr. Deering on his boat with his friends. These additional details help us to understand the context of the item, giving it more meaning.

Screen capture of the digital archives portal at Vizcaya showing historic photos and descriptive information
From the Archival Collections landing page, you can choose to view one of our highlighted collections, perform a search of all archival collections with the global search bar, or select Browse to see all available collections.

Mr. Deering’s Library

The Library on the first floor of Vizcaya’s Main House includes floor-to-ceiling bookcases that house the nearly 800 volumes – the very ones that he bought while he was wintering in Miami. Many of the books are signed by him in the front few pages, much like we do when we purchase a new book. These books are on view to museum guests, and the online collection provides details that are not easily seen, including the book’s publication information, title, author, and publication date. Browse the listing to see how many of these same books are on your shelves at home, and which ones you have read!

A library featuring a desk with different books and papers. The room also features a fireplace, decorative paintings and statues and a wall of books
The fireplace located in Vizcaya's library feautring two red loveseats on either side

Explore the Collection

We invite you to explore the history of Vizcaya through our digital collections. We are always adding more content to the database, and we hope you will visit the site regularly.

You can access these collections at Watch the video below to learn how to use the digital catalogue.


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