Vizcaya is not just about preserving the past. With its lush formal gardens, rich habitats and endangered landscapes, the museum is also focused on cultivating a sustainable future. This year, Vizcaya is proud to announce its participation in Food Waste Prevention Week, a pioneering national initiative aimed at reducing food waste, supporting our environment, and

“Our Future’s Heritage” marked a significant event in Vizcaya Museum and Gardens’ ongoing commitment to honoring and celebrating diverse cultural traditions. Held in partnership with Voices of the River of Grass, this installment of Vizcaya Late brought Indigenous voices and perspectives to the forefront, offering a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with and learn

Think of composting as nature’s own recycling process. It’s a simple yet transformative practice that turns your everyday kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrients for your garden or potted plants. Imagine taking things like banana peels, apple cores, and fallen leaves and turning this would-be waste into rich, fertile soil that breathes life into

HOW IT WORKS This online course is delivered through a series of pre-recorded videos that you’ll find on this page and on Vizcaya’s YouTube channel. Each of the four videos will focus on a specific type of orchid and how to best care for that specific variety. Among these instructions, you will also find demonstrations

If you search Vizcaya on Google Earth, you’ll see a lush green space in the middle of Miami’s urban core. Those 50 acres, part of the original 180-acre James Deering estate, have been preserved as Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a mix of formal gardens, a rockland hammock, a mangrove shore, and an exquisitely restored historic

Global warming and climate change are global phenomena, but there are many things we can do as individuals to help mitigate their effects. Or, shall we say, help mitigate our own carbon footprint. If you’ve got a case of the green thumb, then you may be unaware that some of your gardening habits could be

Chefs Bring Climate Change Awareness at Vizcaya Series
Vizcaya Gardens and Museum has invited locals to share stories about how climate change has affected their lives in South Florida. The museum will host a storytelling event documenting the immediate, real-life impacts of climate change to “drive home the point that we are in crisis, and we need to do something right now,” said

Climate change is impacting us all, in ways we expected, and in surprising ways too. On August 10, Vizcaya is bringing the community together to share our stories about the impacts of climate change during the Climate Against Humanity program. We’re not talking about projections for the far or near future, but things are happening

Get a FREE Composting Materials Guide If you’re interested in composting your waste, but aren’t sure what materials qualifty, take a look at this free guide courtesu of Compost for Life. GET THE GUIDE From Garbage to Greens With sustainability as one of Vizcaya’s core values, we strive to be an environmentally conscious institution, taking