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To request interviews with Vizcaya staff, please contact the Marketing and Communications Director via email.

Where possible, please include:

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  • Sample questions
  • Your deadline or availability for the interview



Man in a suit and tie being interviewed on video by a reporter
Group of friends dressed in 1920s attire posing for a photo at a fun party

For reporters interested in covering the museum’s community programs and other public events, please send your requests to the Marketing department via email.

Please note that Vizcaya does not offer complimentary media seats for the two annual fundraising events, the Vizcaya Ball and the Preservation Luncheon. For information inquiries or interview requests related to these events, please email us.

Stone steps on the Peacock Bridge in the Marine Garden

Travel reporters and other media who wish to visit Vizcaya for related coverage can submit a request for media tickets by contacting the Marketing and Communications Department via email.

Please include the name of the publication and visit date in the request.

Woman in a red dress standing in front of a stone barge in the water

Vizcaya is happy to work with bloggers and influencers. If you’re interested in collaborating with us, please send your request to Digital Communications Manager via email.

Please include the following information in your request:

  • Links to your blog or social media profiles
  • Describe how you want to work with us
  • If interested in visiting, provide an estimated date for your visit
Closeup of the gold and crystal chandelier hanging in the Reception Room.

Vizcaya has a robust media library of both photo and video content, including archive materials covering the estate’s past.

Please submit your request via email and include the following:

  • What type of media do you need (photo or video)?
  • Briefly describe what the content focus – i.e. room interiors, garden photos, historic photos, etc.
  • How will the content be used? (What type of story, where will it be published, etc.)

Please note Vizcaya’s photos cannot be used for commercial purposes. Photos or video for commercial purposes require a permit. For more information visit Photography and Filming

Garden Mound curved walkway with oak trees

Media interested in capturing photo or video content for the purpose of covering the museum and related stories can reach out to the Marketing and Communications Director via email.

Please include the following detail in your request:

  • Name of the publication or outlet
  • Projected shoot date(s) and time(s)
  • Topic/focus of the story
  • Include any required location release or documentation. No documents will be signed onsite.

Please note that media companies interested in having Vizcaya serve as the backdrop for a photo shoot or video segment where the core content of the story does not focus on the museum may require a photo permit. Learn more about Photography and Filming.

“Today, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens remains pretty much how Deering left it, a beautiful and serene oasis… Every surface is considered, ornate, gorgeous.”

Pavia Rosati,

Press Releases and Media Coverage