1920s Fashion Guide: What to Wear to Vizcaya’s Seersucker Social

Ah, the 1920’s. A time of glitz and glamor, of jazz and flappers. The decade was known for its wild style, as well as the newfound freedom bestowed upon individuals.. During this era, fashion was daring and beautiful, incorporating unique statement pieces like feather boas, pearls, and even headbands. 

At Vizcaya, we celebrate the era yearly with our Seersucker Social, a great Gatsby-themed garden party. We invite our guests to dress in their best 1920s-inspired fashion for the occasion, and really get into the spirit of the time. After all, great Gatsby-style fashion is all about making a grand statement. 

Are you joining us at the Seersucker Social, but feel unsure about what fashionable Gatsby-inspired attire looks like? Don’t fret. The Roaring 20s saw some of the most iconic styles that remain popular to this day. Whether it’s the classic flapper dress or an eye-catching pinstripe suit, there are so many timeless options for you to choose from and bring back into fashion for the evening. 

To help you decide what to wear to the Seersucker Social, here is a breakdown of some of the key pieces and looks that defined the 1920s that will help you look your best come party time! 

Black and white photo of three men dressed in 1920s attire

What is Great Gatsby Fashion?

Whether you have seen the movie or read the book, or not, great Gatsby-style fashion is instantly recognizable by its strong use of sequins, fringe, and fun colors. People embraced the look with great gusto, donning low necklines, tight-fitting dresses, and knee-length skirts with often extravagant accessories.

For others, great Gatsby-style fashion focused more on the tailored look. They opted for dapper suits and hats, often in shades of black or white. The Great Gatsby look was all about creating an air of sophistication and class—but at the same time, having a bit of playful fun with accessories like pocket watches, suspenders, and ties.

It really was a great time for fashion, and this is the look we are aiming to recreate at our Seersucker Social.

Black and white photo of a woman wearing an oversized hat with a feather

Iconic Trends in 1920s Fashion

Great Gatsby-style fashion was all about embracing a certain level of elegance without sacrificing comfort. That meant wearing pieces that were still fashionable while being able to dance and have fun. The 1920s also saw the emergence of a dapper style made popular by the great Gatsby himself. It was a time for wearing sharp tuxedos, pinstripe suits, silk shirts, handkerchiefs, and stylish accessories.

Let’s take a look at some great Gatsby-style pieces you can use to create your perfect 1920s look for the Seersucker Social.

Three women dressed in 1920s attire


First up, the flapper dress. This iconic look was popularized by the  rebels of the time, who were eager to break with convention and have some fun. The signature style features a loose, knee-length hemline with fringe details and beading.

The flapper dress was one of the most iconic looks of the Great Gatsby era. This style was characterized by its knee-length skirt and loose fit, which allowed for more freedom of movement. They were often made from light materials like chiffon or silk, adding to their airy feel.

You can’t go wrong with a Gatsby-style flapper dress for the Seersucker Social. You can either go for fringed versions with intricate beading, or opt for something simpler and classic. Feel free to add some of your own unique touches to the look with great accessories like a cute headband or long gloves.


Another great option for great Gatsby-style fashion is the tasseled dress. The long version usually featured a low neckline and short sleeves, while the shorter version often had draping material that fell just above the knee.

The Tassel Dress features great details, such as beaded tassels down the skirt and along the edges of the sleeves, giving it an extra touch of elegance. It also looks great when paired with long earrings, necklaces, and a great Gatsby-style headpiece.


If you really want to channel great Gatsby-style fashion, then consider the sheath dress. This style was popularized by great icons of the era, such as Josephine Baker and Clara Bow.

The great thing about the sheath dress is that it’s extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your occasion. It features a close-fitting silhouette that is great for any body type, and comes in a variety of colors and fabrics.

For great Gatsby-style fashion, look for sheath dresses with intricate beading or lace detailing around the bodice and skirt. You can also accessorize this look with long gloves, headbands, and other great accessories.


To finish off the renowned Gatsby-esque look, why not don a stunning sequin dress? These garments were popularized by fashion trendsetters of the age like Zelda Fitzgerald and Daisy Buchanan.

The shimmering fabric of the great Gatsby-style sequin dress will add a touch of elegance and glamor to your look. The dresses often featured a flapper style, which was characterized by a dropped waist and a shorter hemline that ended above the knee.

Fashions were brought to life with the dazzling addition of sequins, stitched into infinite patterns and designs alongside intricate embellishments like beading and fringing. Lace also added a beautiful touch of refinement to these show-stopping gowns.

All eyes will definitely be on you when you enter the Seersucker Social in one of these Great Gatsby-style dresses.

A man dressed in suspenders and a fedora for the Seersucker Social


For a timeless, Great Gatsby-inspired ensemble that oozes elegance and confidence, look no further than the classic pinstripe suit.

Pinstripe suits were popular during the 1920s, particularly among the stylish and fashionable individuals of the era. The suit was expertly crafted from a wool fabric featuring an elegant, minimalistic pinstripe design that ran along the vertical axes. Pinstripe suits were often worn as part of formal or business attire and were considered a symbol of wealth and success. As a result, the suit was popularized by businessperson and bankers, and became associated with the booming economy of the 1920s.

From the stage to the screen, stripes were seen everywhere on performers, vocalists and actors. Typically spotted in a range of widths, some bolder than others; they could be paired with any shirt or necktie combo accompanied by a fedora for an ultra-elegant finish.

Get ahead of the crowd and let your style do the talking at the Seersucker Social by donning a classic pinstripe suit.


During the roaring twenties, silk shirts were all the rage. They provided a luxurious, sophisticated aura when worn as part of business or social attire. The cost to own one was quite high since it took an abundance of silk fabric to make each individual shirt, yet they remained highly coveted amongst fashionistas at the time.

From stripes to geometric patterns, the shirts of yesteryear were available in a myriad of colors and styles. Popularized by their pairing with suits, ties, and dress shoes for an effortlessly polished look, classic wing-tip collars and button-front closures completed this timelessly chic ensemble.

If you’re looking to channel your inner Gatsby, be sure to consider a silk shirt when putting together your outfit for the Seersucker Social.


Stylish, sophisticated, and absolutely essential – ties were a fashion staple for the well-dressed of the 1920s. An impeccably tailored suit wasn’t complete without one sitting snugly around his neck; it was considered an integral part of any formal outfit.

Ties of the 1920s were typically made from silk, which was a luxurious and high-quality fabric. They were available in various colors, patterns, and designs, such as stripes, geometric shapes, and abstract patterns.

The width of the ties in the 1920s was narrower than those of previous eras. The most popular width was around 2-2.5 inches. The tie’s knot also changed during the 1920s; the Four-in-hand and Half Windsor knot became the most popular knots, replacing the large, bulky knots of the past.

Ties were often worn with various shirt and collar styles, such as wing-tip collars, button-down collars, and spread collars. They were also worn with a variety of different suit and jacket styles, such as double-breasted suits and sack suits.

During the era, bow ties were incredibly popular due to their ability to add an air of sophistication. To capture a refined style, they would often be coupled with pinstripe suits and worn with tuxedos for more formal events. The combination was so effortless it became iconic!


Accessories for a 1920s Fashion Party

So you have the dress, but what about accessories? Accessories are great for adding the finishing touches to your great Gatsby-style look.

We mentioned a few accessories earlier, such as headbands, long gloves, and necklaces. But there are also other great Gatsby-style accessories to consider, such as, brooches, beaded purses, fedoras, vests and even feathers.

The right earrings can really make your look stand out. Look for chandelier-style earrings or great pearl drop earrings for a classic take on great Gatsby-style fashion. When it comes to the brooch, pick something with exquisite beading and splendid detail.

Feathers were a popular accessory in the Great Gatsby era, and can be added for a bit of drama. You can wear them as a headpiece or even sew them onto your dress for a unique look.

Don’t forget the beaded purses. These were popularized by flappers of the era and featured colorful beads making up intricate patterns. They can easily add a touch of fun and sophistication to your overall look.

The timeless silhouette of the classic fedora will never go out of fashion. Featuring a wide brim and a soft crown, this chic hat looks great when paired with almost any outfit — especially in neutral shades like black, gray, or tan. Some fedoras were also adorned with feathers or other embellishments.

To go with the timelessly sophisticated look of a suit, the vest was an essential part of the fashion equation in the 20s. This accessory added both a layer of warmth and additional visual interest to any formal ensemble. To stay true to the era and create a truly classic 1920s look, we suggest opting for an off-white or cream-colored vest with your suit.

Pocket squares and cufflinks were both popular during this era and allowed people to inject a sense of personality into their outfits. The pocket square was often brightly colored and patterned – adorned with paisley, floral, or geometric designs.

Cufflinks were also seen frequently in the 20s. Cufflinks are typically made from silver or gold metals, and often feature intricate designs or gemstones for extra appeal. These accessories can add a touch of glamor and elegance to an otherwise basic suit.

As you prepare for the Seersucker Social, be sure to consider incorporating these accessories into your look. Doing so will ensure that you emanate pure class – just as those in the 1920s did!

Don’t Forget the Shoes

In the 1920s, evening-wear shoes were typically characterized by their elegant and stylish design. Some popular styles of shoes for evening wear during this decade included:

  • T-strap shoes: These shoes featured a T-shaped strap across the front of the foot, and were often adorned with beads, sequins, or other embellishments.
  • Mary Jane shoes: These shoes had a low heel and a strap across the front of the foot, and were popular for their comfort and versatility.
  • Slingback shoes: These shoes had a heel and an open back, and were secured to the foot with a strap that went around the heel.
  • Spectator shoes: These shoes were made of two-tone leather, usually white and another color, and were popular with a sporty look.
  • Pumps: These shoes had a closed toe and heel; they were a classic and versatile option for evening wear, and could be made of satin, silk, or velvet.

All of the above shoes had a low heel, usually between 1-3 inches, and were designed to be comfortable for dancing and walking. They were also adorned with embellishments such as beads, sequins, or embroidery.

Put Together Your Great Gatsby-Style Look

Now, you finally have all the pieces to put together your great Gatsby-style look for the Seersucker Social.

Whether you’re looking to embody the sophistication of the Roaring Twenties or just want to add a bit of vintage flair to your outfit, these fashion staples will definitely have you looking and feeling like a million bucks. We can’t wait to see your 1920s-inspired look!

Be sure to keep an eye out for our upcoming Seersucker Social, a 1920s-themed garden party that takes place at the beautiful Vizcaya Museum every spring. Check out the calendar of events for the latest news!

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