Tracing Women in 19th and 20th Century Archival Collections Are you curious about the staff who worked behind the scenes maintaining Vizcaya for James Deering? So are we! Our archives hold thousands of letters, blueprints, financial records and photographs documenting the construction of Vizcaya. While these records hold valuable information on other aspects of Vizcaya,

Just like Charles Deering, his daughters followed in his footsteps when it came to art collecting. Both James and Charles had very distinct tastes in art and antiques, and by extension, Marion and Barbara also shared some of those tastes. Since James Deering was never married and had no children, when he passed away in

Vizcaya has been a witness to numerous significant occurrences in the history of Miami over the last century. Initially built in 1916 as the vacation home of the affluent businessman James Deering, it has since evolved into a revered public art museum. Throughout its existence, Vizcaya has actively engaged with the community and played a

Vizcaya: James Deering’s Winter Home The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens stand as a testament to the vision of businessman James Deering. Constructed between 1914 and 1922, this stunning villa encompasses 34 exquisitely decorated rooms, formal gardens, a mangrove shoreline, a hardwood hammock, and a historic village that once supported the estate. Now serving as a

The Glass Canopy: Protecting and Enhancing the Courtyard The central courtyard of Vizcaya’s Main House boasts a unique and ever-evolving landscape. Over the years, it has undergone several transformations, each resulting in a more tropical ambiance than the previous iterations. In 1983, the formerly open-air courtyard was enclosed with a glass canopy to safeguard the

Introduction to Romanticism Movement During the 18th century, an artistic movement known as Romanticism spread throughout Europe, seeking to evoke an idealized world of rural simplicity in contrast to the urban, industrialized centers of the cities. This nostalgic vision of a peaceful countryside was expressed through various art forms, including oil paintings and lead garden

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens’ Chief Engagement Officer, Wendy Wolf, joined Inside South Florida to share how the travel destination works to preserve the rich legacy of the city of Coconut Grove.

Gaston Lachaise Lachaise (1882–1935) joined the Vizcaya project in mid-1920 as the formal gardens were nearing completion. A prominent sculptor, he was commissioned to create sculptural work on top of decorative columns for the Marine Garden. This garden marked the transition from the formal gardens to the more natural and wild Lagoon Gardens that no

Marine Garden, Peacock Bridge and Wrought-Iron Fence In 1922, one hundred years ago, James Deering (1859-1925) witnessed the culmination of years in making Vizcaya’s gardens. The grand vision for his winter haven, developed on 180 acres along the shoreline on Biscayne Bay, was the product of a collaborative partnership. Voluminous correspondence in Vizcaya’s archives sheds

Every year, Vizcaya receives thousands of visitors who are intrigued by the array of historical décor and objects of centuries past. Upon entering the Entrance Hall, they are greeted by a pair of ornamental vases that Vizcaya’s patron, James Deering (1859-1925), acquired in July of 1916. Both marble objects are modeled after celebrated antique vases