Deering Brothers of Miami: A Tale of Art, Estates, and Miami’s Development

Vizcaya: James Deering’s Winter Home 

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens stand as a testament to the vision of businessman James Deering. Constructed between 1914 and 1922, this stunning villa encompasses 34 exquisitely decorated rooms, formal gardens, a mangrove shoreline, a hardwood hammock, and a historic village that once supported the estate. Now serving as a public museum, Vizcaya remains a cultural treasure, enchanting visitors from around the world. 

Charles Deering Estate: History and Environmental Conservation  

Equally remarkable is the Charles Deering Estate, a 450-acre expanse also known as Deering Estate at Cutler, which served as the Florida residence of Charles Deering, James Deering’s half-brother.  

An early preservationist, and environmentalist, Charles used his estate to showcase South Florida’s natural beauty. Now a museum and state-protected park, the Deering Estate encompasses various ecosystems, including mangrove forests and marshes. It serves as an essential preserve, protecting these ecosystems from development and offering educational programs on conservation. 


Influencing Miami’s Development 

In the early 1900s, and possibly even as early as the late 1800s, both Charles and James Deering began their visits to South Florida and Miami, following their father William Deering’s division of the family property between them. The brothers and their estates played a significant role in shaping Miami’s development, leaving an indelible mark on the city’s history. 

The Deering Brothers’ Artistic Passions 

James and Charles Deering not only shared a family legacy but also a profound affection for art, antiques, and furniture. While both were avid collectors, Charles displayed additional talents as an accomplished artist. His exquisite artwork, exemplified by the portrait of his stepmother Clara Hamilton Deering, graces the estate, showcasing his keen eye for detail and storytelling. 

Artistic Adventures in Egypt 

Before embarking on the creation of Vizcaya, James Deering embarked on two trips to Egypt in 1908 and 1912, with Charles and their sister Abby accompanying him on one of these journeys. Charles documented the experience with watercolor sketches, revealing his artistic flair and sense of humor, providing a glimpse into his intriguing personality. 


Passion for Boats and Miami Regatta 

Boats held a special place in the hearts of both James and Charles Deering. James owned a barge designed to resemble a ship, while Charles, a navy man, shared the same affection for maritime adventures. The Deering brothers befriended Carl G. Fischer, an influential figure responsible for shaping Miami’s layout, including the famous Dixie Highway that connected Miami to Chicago. They participated in the celebrated “Miami Regatta” organized by Fischer, triumphing over him in 1915 and 1917, showcasing their love for boats and competition. 

The best part? The Deering brothers won the race against Mr. Fisher with the American entrepreneur’s very own boat. Copies of the resulting trophy from the regatta are currently on display at Vizcaya and the Deering Estate. 


Explore Miami’s Rich History at Vizcaya 

For those eager to delve further into Miami’s captivating history, we invite you to visit Vizcaya in person. Reserve your tickets online at and be a part of preserving this extraordinary cultural heritage by contributing to the Vizcaya Conservation Fund at 

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