Beyond Vizcaya is a collaborative storytelling project that connects Vizcaya’s 100+ year history to the stories of people in Miami and South Florida. With History Miami as our partner, Beyond Vizcaya presents historical figures and events as well as the voices of contemporary story tellers and topics of concern.

Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder how the Beyond Vizcaya stories are captured? Get an inside look at how Beyond Vizcaya’s content is created. On this page, we invite you to delve into the behind-the-scenes process that fuels the creation of our engaging articles, videos, and visuals.

Climate & Environment

As part of the effort to preserve and protect our historic museum and gardens and to broaden the reach of climate conversation, we’re involving climate scientists and people from our community to discuss this critical issue.

Community Stories

The Community Stories section is where we share the captivating narratives of those who contribute. From volunteers and staffers to visitors and neighbors, these stories capture the essence of Vizcaya and the people around it. Discover the power of storytellling as we celebrate the people who bring Vizcaya to life.


They come from everywhere, the people that form our multi-cultural, multi-faceted home. Vizcaya was built and staffed by Bahamian workers who also founded the nearby community of Coconut Grove. Listen, learn, and join the conversation.



Explore stories that connect cultures and communities that have shaped Vizcaya’s past and present. Learn about the personal triumphs and transformations that span various locations around the world. Experience the beauty of migration as we embark on a voyage beyond Vizcaya together.

Swapping Stories