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Program Introduction

What’s Your Story?

We’re partnering with HistoryMiami‘s Miami Stories project to archive and share your stories of migration, labor and culture and identity. We welcome written stories between 500-1,000 words and video stories under 5 minutes about life in Miami. We encourage storytellers to submit a photo with their written story. To submit a written story, complete the Miami Stories Submission Form. To submit a video story, click on the video story link.


Meet the host Oldine Monestime.


Climate Against Humanity is Vizcaya’s first-ever story sharing event. We’re bringing people from all over our community to tell their personal stories about how climate has impacted their lives. Click in and listen to local’s stories about their experiences with the climate impact.


As Vizcaya was being built, Miami was becoming a convergence point for people from around the U.S. and abroad. Explore stories of the events and people that established Miami as the vibrant cultural hub we know today.


Building the railroads, developing Miami Beach, constructing Vizcaya– the story of what Miami has become starts with the hands that built it. Discover the traditions and craftsmanship that formed the foundations of the city and how that has evolved into today’s progressive work environment.

Culture & Identity

Becoming a part of Miami culture has always meant bringing your own cultural traditions with you, treasuring them and sharing them. These are the stories of the ways Miamians self-identify in the past and the present.

New podcast honors black coconut grove

Vizcaya is proud to partner with local matriarchs to produce a podcast highlighting the history and accomplishments of Coconut Grove’s Black community. Titled “The Rich and Forgotten History of Black Coconut Grove,” this three-episode series features stories from legacy residents of the neighborhood’s establishment and through their life experiences from the 1930s to modern day. Click below to listen online.

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The Rich and Forgotten History of Black Coconut Grove