A Glimpse into the Cleaning Process Every year, the dedicated team at Vizcaya undertakes the colossal task of deep cleaning a specific room within the historic Main House. This process involves a comprehensive top-to-bottom cleaning, using a slow and meticulous process as well as conservation-grade solutions. Although time-consuming and resource-intensive, this is an important step

Introduction: A Massive Preservation Effort Vizcaya’s Waterfront Restoration project stands as a testament to the preservation efforts undertaken to protect this historical treasure, which has weathered the passage of time and natural disasters. Hurricane Irma, which hit Miami in 2017, impacted every major architectural element along Vizcaya’s waterfront. The Barge: Recovery and Restoration The Barge

The South Tower inside Vizcaya’s Main House is a visitor favorite. Home to Vizcaya’s famous spiral staircase, a frequent spot for photos, and four guest bedrooms, the Museum’s Collections and Maintenance teams have closed the space for a brief period to address a series of environmental and safety concerns. Now that the South Tower has

In early September 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Florida coast, as a Category 4 storm. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, located on Biscayne Bay in Miami, suffered tremendous losses from hurricane-force winds and the accompanying tidal surge.

Gaston Lachaise Lachaise (1882–1935) joined the Vizcaya project in mid-1920 as the formal gardens were nearing completion. A prominent sculptor, he was commissioned to create sculptural work on top of decorative columns for the Marine Garden. This garden marked the transition from the formal gardens to the more natural and wild Lagoon Gardens that no

MIAMI – Vizcaya’s Italian formal gardens, the premier examples of this tradition in the United States, are at the center of this year’s Vizcaya Ball. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is celebrating the centennial of these lush green spaces, which were completed in 1922 under the direction of Colombian landscape architect Diego Suarez. The 65h Annual

Every year, Vizcaya receives thousands of visitors who are intrigued by the array of historical décor and objects of centuries past. Upon entering the Entrance Hall, they are greeted by a pair of ornamental vases that Vizcaya’s patron, James Deering (1859-1925), acquired in July of 1916. Both marble objects are modeled after celebrated antique vases

The candelabra found in Vizcaya’s Living Room is an interesting object. It is mainly composed of 11 stackable elements, the oldest of which dates from the first or second century A.D., and later pieces from as late as the seventeenth or eighteenth centuries. Researchers have also identified it as one of the ancient marvels found

This is a landmark year for Vizcaya. The museum is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the formal gardens, which were completed in 1922. While Vizcaya’s gardens are known to be among the most elaborate in the United States, this is not only due to their natural wonders. These exemplary green spaces also hold historic significance

Vizcaya Gardens and Museum has earned its reaccreditation from the American Alliance of Museums.