Summer art-making programs have been a long-standing tradition at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, dating back to the 2016 launch of the museum’s Participatory Public Art (PPA) program. This series was designed to unite the community through artist-led experiences – all for FREE. In the summer of 2023, a new PPA project came to life through

Ah, the 1920’s. A time of glitz and glamor, of jazz and flappers. The decade was known for its wild style, as well as the newfound freedom bestowed upon individuals.. During this era, fashion was daring and beautiful, incorporating unique statement pieces like feather boas, pearls, and even headbands.  At Vizcaya, we celebrate the era

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens’ Chief Engagement Officer, Wendy Wolf, joined Inside South Florida to share how the travel destination works to preserve the rich legacy of the city of Coconut Grove.
It was a rainy Saturday morning, but that didn’t matter to the children charging out of a school bus into the Vizcaya Village Garage, where they were greeted by friendly faces and the buttery fragrance of freshly baked sugar cookies.

Global warming and climate change are global phenomena, but there are many things we can do as individuals to help mitigate their effects. Or, shall we say, help mitigate our own carbon footprint. If you’ve got a case of the green thumb, then you may be unaware that some of your gardening habits could be

This is a landmark year for Vizcaya. The museum is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the formal gardens, which were completed in 1922. While Vizcaya’s gardens are known to be among the most elaborate in the United States, this is not only due to their natural wonders. These exemplary green spaces also hold historic significance due

“When a baby comes to the workshop – from Liberty City, Overtown, Miami Gardens, Richmond Heights – and they are comfortable putting that pen in their hand and writing in their voice about what they see on a day-to-day basis, that’s the part that I care about,” said In YOUnison collaborating artist Arsimmer McCoy.

In celebration of Pride Month, we would like to highlight Louis A. Koons Jr. (1881-1929). Born in Massillon, Ohio, Koons was employed at Vizcaya between 1916 and 1921 as clerk and assistant to Artistic Director Paul Chalfin (1874-1959). He helped document Vizcaya’s object collection through the card catalogue with his beautiful penmanship. The card catalogue

Climate change is impacting us all, in ways we expected, and in surprising ways too. On August 10, Vizcaya is bringing the community together to share our stories about the impacts of climate change during the Climate Against Humanity program. We’re not talking about projections for the far or near future, but things are happening

In celebration of Vizcaya’s garden centennial, we want to learn about your favorite memories in the formal gardens. This could be your wedding or engagement, when you brought your mom here for the first time, discovering special animals or plants in gardens, etc. We want to know them all! The Prize One winner will get