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Experience the Gilded Age at James Deering’s 1916 winter estate, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. You’ll be inspired to embrace the cultural vitality and environmental sustainability of the world around us. Connect with the past, understand the present and shape the future by exploring the resources found here.


To minimize touch points and monitor onsite capacity, all visitors must reserve tickets online in advance of their visit. Reserve online. 


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Whether you’re a garden lover or a history buff, you can make Vizcaya your own. Review the tabs below to explore Vizcaya your own way.

Map of the Vizcaya estate

Download an estate map to familiarize yourself with Vizcaya. Save Paper—save the map on your tablet or mobile device to use during your visit to support Vizcaya’s environmental initiatives.





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No Vizcaya visit is complete without a guided tour. Check out the options below:


Offered daily at 11:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m.

  • Living in 1920s Miami | This Main House tour gives insight into what life was like at Vizcaya from the perspective of James Deering, his staff and guests in Miami.
  • Designing the Dream | Made for the architecture lover, this tour explores how Vizcaya was made, discussing the designers, workforce, and ingenuity it took to create this winter home.


  • Tours of Vizcaya Village are offered every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. as part of the weekly Vizcaya Village Farmers Market. Explore the historic village as you walk around 11 historic buildings and discover how the village made Vizcaya self-sustaining in the early 1900s.

HOW TO PURCHASE A TOUR | Click here to purchase general admission to the museum. Tour options will appear after you have selected your visit date.

All guided tours are FREE for members. To learn more about becoming a member, click here. All guided tours are subject to availability

Visitor holding a smartphone that displays the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens app, which includes the audio tour and other digital experiences.


To reduce touch points during your visit, the audio tour is available is a Vizcaya Museum and Gardens app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Play Store or used on your web browser.

Get insights on the design and history of the gardens by taking an audio tour during your visit.

Instructions to access the app are included with your confirmation email for your admission purchase.

For visitors looking to dive a little deeper into Vizcaya’s history and design, you can check out mini tours on our YouTube channel.

You can also go behind-the-scenes and inside restricted spaces with the Secret Doors Video Tour. Click below to start exploring!

Watch on YouTube Secret Doors Video Tour

Accessibility AND inclusion AT Vizcaya

Everyone’s welcome at Vizcaya

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is an enduring, inclusive, and innovative place that inspires people to embrace the cultural vitality and environmental sustainability of the world around us. We welcome all guests to engage with us as we connect with the past, understand the present, and shape the future. We want to hear your voice, understand your point of view, and welcome you to our community.

Vizcaya is pleased to welcome visitors identifying as disabled with discounted admission as well as complimentary admission for an accompanying caregiver. 

Parking and arrival

If you have accessibility needs please contact a security officer upon arrival and they can assist you with accessible parking locations and other information.

Uneven floors and terrain

All visitors should be aware and cautious of the many steps and uneven floors and terrain throughout Vizcaya’s Main House, gardens and grounds.

There are accessible parking spaces in the main parking lot and in the service area on the south side of the Main House. Drivers who need to drop off visitors with limited mobility near the wheelchair lift, please alert the security officer in the main parking lot and proceed to the service area. However, you will need to purchase your tickets at the Admissions Booth.

In accordance with titles II and III of the ADA, Vizcaya welcomes service dogs only. Service dogs must be housebroken as well as harnessed, leashed, or tethered to their accompanying individual.

With the exception of service animals that meet the federal government’s guidelines for animals trained to perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), visitors are not permitted to bring animals on to Vizcaya property. Visitors may not bring any other animals onto Vizcaya property, including but not limited to pets or emotional support animals.

Map of the Vizcaya estate

Visitors who are unable to climb approximately 20 stair steps or walk approximately 750 feet may not be able to access portions of the Main House and gardens.

Please email us at for more information, or speak to an Associate at Admissions upon arrival.

Many areas of the gardens are accessible and a Visitor Experience staff member can gladly direct you to accessible routes once you arrive at the Admissions Booth.

Wheelchairs are available for loan on a first-come, first-served basis. When you arrive, please inform the Admissions attendant of your wish to borrow a wheelchair. They will notify a security officer to have one ready by the Service Area next to the Main House.

Please know that we are currently experiencing mechanical failures with our wheelchair lift that provides access to the first floor of the Main House. For more information on the status of the lift and about accessible areas at Vizcaya, please email

Main House guidebooks in Braille and large print are available for loan at the Admissions Booth.

Sign Language interpreters are available to accompany a guided tour of the Main House. We require at least five working days’ advance notice.

To make arrangements for a Sign Language interpreter, email

Vizcaya has fully accessible restrooms located on the south side of the Main House and Oval Plaza near the Garden Mound.

Visitor restrooms (men’s and women’s) include changing tables (diaper changing is not permitted inside the Main House). Gender-neutral restrooms are located behind the men’s and women’s restrooms on the south side of the Main House.

Close-up of east side of Main House showing the weather vane.

The first floor of the Main House is mostly accessible to visitors using wheelchairs, with the exception of the East Loggia and the Entrance Loggia. Please enter through the ramp and lift on the south side of the house (to the right of the main entrance, through the arched gateway), with assistance from a security officer.

An interactive Virtual Access Tour located next to the Flower Room on the first floor of the Main House allows virtual access to the second floor, tower rooms and non-accessible areas of the gardens. Information for the Virtual Access Tour is offered in English and Spanish.

Vizcaya's Formal Gardens in photo taken from the South Terrace.

The central portions of the formal gardens are accessible, but visitors should be aware that the paths are primarily dirt and gravel, rather than paved. In addition, the Garden Mound, Maze Garden, Theater Garden, Tea House, Boat Landing, Secret Garden and the west statuary walk have limited or no access.

For more information on access services, email or call 305-860-8412.
Please visit the federal ADA website for additional information.
It’s unbelievable the place and the history it keeps inside it. No one should miss visiting this place.
Arnoldo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Museum and Gardens Policies

The following policies apply to Vizcaya’s indoor and outdoor areas:

A family looks at a snake at Wild Vizcaya.

The Visitor Code of Conduct ensures that the entire visiting public is treated with respect, that every visitor has an equal opportunity to enjoy a meaningful experience and that Vizcaya’s cultural resources are also respected and protected.  

Vizcaya staff reserve the right to determine when a group or individual is in violation of conduct or policies that put staff, visitors, the property or the collection at risk and may deny entry or expel such groups or individuals.



To protect the estate, its visitors and its staff, Vizcaya may deny entrance to—or expel without a refund—anyone who violates this Code of Conduct.

Thank you for your cooperation.

For parties looking to conduct photo shoots, please check out the Photography and Filming for details about the museum’s photo permit program and related policies.

The Museum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises. If at any time behavior that puts the other visitors, the estate or the collection at risk is observed, visitors may be asked to leave the premises and forfeit their museum experience.

Visitors may not reproduce photographs of the gardens or collection for commercial purposes without prior authorization. 

Drones are strictly prohibited and not allowed for personal use within Vizcaya Museum and Gardens premises.

All visitors must remain fully clothed at all times. Bathing suits, mesh or sheer clothing are not permitted. For your safety, footwear is required while walking around the house and gardens.


  • Due to the dimension of historic arches and doorways, only single strollers and strollers less than 25 inches wide may enter the Main House
  • Larger strollers are only allowed in the gardens. These may be left in the Entrance Loggia or outside the front entrance to the house.
  • Wagons are not permitted.
  • All child carriers are permitted at the discretion of the museum staff.
  • Please be careful to avoid contact with doorways, walls or furnishings.
  • Note that the first floor of the Main House features a number of steps in different areas
  • No strollers are permitted on the second floor of the house.


  • Strollers are welcome throughout the gardens
  • Please note the estate features a variety of different terrains, including coral floors, grass, gravel and sand, among others.

Vizcaya does not offer bag check. Luggage and large bags are not allowed throughout the Main House. Unfortunately we do not have a dedicated bag check area. Small amounts of luggage can be stored inside the front entrance of the Main House. Our security officers reserve the right to review bags upon entry and prohibit large bags (school backpack size or larger) that may damage the collections or compromise security. Smaller bags that are permitted must be worn at the side or chest while inside the Main House. Baby carriers must be worn on your chest.

Umbrellas, while recommended for the gardens, are not permitted throughout the house and must be kept in umbrella holders at the doors. 

Please note that all personal items are the sole responsibility of the owner. Staff are not responsible for unattended bags or belongings.

Visitors may not bring any food or drinks to Vizcaya, except if they are visiting as part of a school or college group.

The Vizcaya Café and Shop is located on the north side of the Main House, next to the Swimming Pool Grotto and across from the Orchidarium. The Café is currently open. Check out the menu online and visit for a curated selection of Vizcaya-inspired gifts. 

Vizcaya members enjoy free admission to the property, including the Café and Shop. Members also enjoy a 10% discount at the Café and Shop.

Food or drinks may not be opened or consumed in the Main House.

Vizcaya has traditionally served as an inspiration to artists of all mediums, and we welcome artists to sketch, draw, and paint on-site. Because Vizcaya is a National Historic Landmark, policies are in place for such activities that support the preservation and safety of our collections.

Art Policy

Visitors interested in sketching indoors may only use graphite pencils. No other materials are permitted inside the Main House. Visitors may sketch and paint outdoors; no sprayed materials, permanent markers or electrical tools are permitted. Vizcaya reserves the right to prohibit any materials security officers or other staff deem unsafe for the public, estate or collection. Art materials may not be left unattended. Vizcaya is a pack-in and pack-out location. Bathrooms may not be used for cleaning or disposing of art materials.

At Vizcaya we are constantly active in the preservation and conservation of this unique and fragile estate and its extremely varied collections. Please help us in our efforts by not touching museum objects or leaning and climbing on doors, gates and walls. We thank you for not standing or sitting on statuary, fountains or railings.

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