HOW IT WORKS This online course is delivered through a series of pre-recorded videos that you’ll find on this page and on Vizcaya’s YouTube channel. Each of the four videos will focus on a specific type of orchid and how to best care for that specific variety. Among these instructions, you will also find demonstrations

The Glass Canopy: Protecting and Enhancing the Courtyard The central courtyard of Vizcaya’s Main House boasts a unique and ever-evolving landscape. Over the years, it has undergone several transformations, each resulting in a more tropical ambiance than the previous iterations. In 1983, the formerly open-air courtyard was enclosed with a glass canopy to safeguard the

The central courtyard of Vizcaya’s Main House is one of our more unique landscapes and, as such, comes with its own challenges. According to the museum’s archival records, full-size trees were initially planned to be planted in the courtyard in 1916. However, photographic evidence suggests that they were removed a few years later, likely because

Vizcaya has long been synonymous with orchids. These beautiful blooms first arrived on the estate in the 1920s at the behest of James Deering himself. In 2001, a formal orchidarium was established at the estate through the generous endowment from the David A. Klein Foundation. Now Vizcaya’s gardens are preparing to enter a new age

Around the world, people are hunting for the largest living trees. In the United States, American Forests, the oldest national nonprofit conservation organization in the US, has been leading this effort since 1940. Their Big Tree Program maintains a national register of the largest living specimens of American trees. Florida runs a similar program for
To celebrate spring, Vizcaya has completed the reinstallation of its historic Rose Garden.

Salting the Earth Vizcaya’s Fountain Garden was once known by a different name. Originally, this space was designed to be a rose garden. It served as such when the gardens were completed in 1922. James Deering enjoyed the roses while he wintered here from November to March. When the Great Hurricane of 1926 hit Miami,

Vizcaya has created a new livestream series for all the garden lovers out there. We’re calling it the “Garden AMA” – Ask Me Anything!
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens' Jatropha and Staghorn Fern collections have been accredited and accepted into the Plant Collections Network.
In 2019, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens received its first two accreditations from the Plant Collections Network, an American Public Gardens Association initiative that recognizes the importance of the genetic diversity of plant collection by botanic gardens in North America.