Got gardening questions?

Vizcaya's Formal Gardens with text: Ask me anything. Gardening Questions Asked.

Going LIVE!

Vizcaya’s Horticulture team went live so all our garden lovers on social media had a chance to get their questions answerred in this “Garden AMA” – Ask Me Anything!

Want to know why we plant certain species in the gardens? How to become a horticulturist? Or simply how to take better care of your house plants?

Watch the replays below.


LIVE with Ian Simpkins, Deputy Director of Horticulture

  • What flowers were historically grown during Vizcaya’s estate period
  • How to get rid of insects on a desert rose
  • Care tips for a Frangipanai tree
  • Vizcaya’s watering and fertilization schedule… and more

LIVE with David Hardy, Horticulture Manager

  • Where to best plant an avocado tree
  • The best time of day to water plants
  • Plants that can survive the heat in Miami
  • The original design of the parterres in Vizcaya’s formal gardens… and more


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