Season 2 Preview | The Rich + Forgotten History of Coconut Grove Podcast

The Rich and Forgotten History of Black Coconut Grove podcast is a collaboration between legacy residents of Coconut Grove, a small community in Miami, FL, and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Through history, stories of triumph and perseverance and hopes for the future, as told by legacy residents, we’ll learn how heritage is powerful and empowers us.

In honor of Juneteenth, please enjoy this sneak preview of Season 2 of the podcast, which features stories from Carol Davis Henley Byrd, Walter Cambridge, and Iral Davis Porter, among others. These preview snippets will be available for streaming through signage on display in the Main House courtyard on June 19, 2023.

Stay tuned for full-length episodes coming soon to all your podcast streaming services. Check out the podcast on iTunes today.

Clip #1: Working Together

Featuring Carol Davis Henley Byrd

Carol Davis Henley Byrd is the granddaughter of Grove Pioneer EWF Stirrup and an anchor partner with Vizcaya for the Rich and Forgotten History of Black Coconut Grove. Carol works tirelessly to preserve the history and heritage of the vibrant community her grandfather helped develop. She strives to share stories of resilience and the accomplishments of her family and community in the hopes it will empower generations now and into the future.

Clip #2: The Four Horsemen

Featuring Walter Cambridge

Edwin “Walter” Cambridge graduated from GW Carver in Coconut Grove before going on to Wiley College in Texas on a track scholarship.  Here, he looks back on his life to recall the challenges and accomplishments of him and his family over the course of his 90+ years.

Clip #3: It Started Right Here

Featuring Iral Davis Porter

Iral Davis Porter is the granddaughter of Grove Pioneer EWF Stirrup and in her 80 years has created medical programs at College and University levels to bolster preparedness and success for Black medical professionals. In this story, she shares reflections on her legacy and where it all began.

Clip #4: Bring Someone with You

Featuring Iral Davis Porter

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