Get a FREE Composting Materials Guide If you’re interested in composting your waste, but aren’t sure what materials qualifty, take a look at this free guide courtesu of Compost for Life. GET THE GUIDE From Garbage to Greens With sustainability as one of Vizcaya’s core values, we strive to be an environmentally conscious institution, taking

Dams, Floodgates, and Submarine Doors: Museums Are Spending Millions to Protect Their Art as Sea Levels Rise
Vizcaya is a tradition for Miami locals. We explore its gardens and halls to soak in local history. We celebrate quinces and weddings here and make it our own playground as children on fieldtrips. Yet, there’s a side of Vizcaya that even locals may not know – Vizcaya Village.
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens' Jatropha and Staghorn Fern collections have been accredited and accepted into the Plant Collections Network.
Vizcaya is home to so much more than art and history. A variety of wild creatures live in and around the property, and every year, Wild Vizcaya brings scientists and visitors together to learn more about them.
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has received a $194,000 grant from the State of Florida, Division of Emergency Management’s Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program to secure a temporary floodproofing solution that will prevent damage to this National Historic Landmark.
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is featured in the World Wildlife Fund's online article, MIAMI Rising Up. The story discusses the potential impact of climate-related rising seas on Miami and possible mitigation and resilience efforts. Vizcaya serves as a space for dialogue.
Four years ago, Vizcaya entered into a partnership with edible South Florida to present an annual Dinner for Farmers, a progressive farm-to-table meal in the Village designed to honor farmers and the work they do to feed our community.
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has launched a new program that uses 3D documentation and printing technologies to virtually transport visitors to spaces within the estate that are not accessible to the public.
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens’ Urban Farming School Program has been awarded the 2019 EdCom Award for Innovation in Museum Education by the American Alliance of Museums. This award recognizes, encourages and celebrates innovation in museum education. Candidates had to clearly address one or more of the challenges cited in the Center for the Future of