A Greener Grove: Fight Food Waste and Give Back

Animated fruits and vegetables dressed as superheroes encouraging to reduce food waste.

Vizcaya is not just about preserving the past. With its lush formal gardens, rich habitats and endangered landscapes, the museum is also focused on cultivating a sustainable future. This year, Vizcaya is proud to announce its participation in Food Waste Prevention Week, a pioneering national initiative aimed at reducing food waste, supporting our environment, and strengthening our community.

The Journey from Idea to Impact

The story of Food Waste Prevention Week began in California in 2020, sparked by a vision to inspire change and reduce food waste. What started as a local effort has since blossomed into a nationwide movement, with Florida joining the cause in 2021.

Fast forward to today, and the movement has seen incredible growth, with over 600 partners across 48 states and 11 countries dedicated to this cause. Vizcaya, with its commitment to community and sustainability, is excited to join this impactful initiative by supporting important organizations within our neighborhood of Coconut Grove.

Food Collection for Buddy System’s Coconut Grove Community Fridge

As part of our commitment to Food Waste Prevention Week, Vizcaya is hosting a food collection drive in collaboration with Buddy System, an organization that has established ten community fridges around Miami-Dade County. These community fridges have allowed community members to access fresh food, such as dairy products, produce, meat items, and pantry items.

This is an opportunity for locals to get involved in their community and combat food waste while also making a tangible difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Where: every Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, throughout April and May
  • Where: Vizcaya Village Farmer’s Market, 3250 South Miami Avenue, Miami FL 33129
  • Drop off is located at the Information Tent situated at the entrance to the market

What to Bring:

  • The community fridge currently accepts a variety of donations including fresh produce, eggs, vegetarian proteins, unopened frozen foods, dairy products (with at least 5 days before expiration), meat (also with at least 5 days before expiration), homemade sandwiches, meals (with ingredient lists), and pantry items.
  • Open packages, leftovers, expired items, or moldy items are not accepted.
  • Every donation makes a difference. The collected items will be directed to the Coconut Grove community fridge, managed by the Buddy System. With ten Community Fridges established across Miami-Dade County, the Buddy System is at the forefront of addressing food insecurity in our community, making every contribution to our food drive a step towards a better future.
Three individuals participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a community fridge decorated with colorful graffiti art.
Buddy System MIA’s Community Fridge with Miami Artist Haiiileen in front of her design.


Led by the Future: The Vizcaya Teen Environmental Council

It’s worth noting that this initiative is spearheaded by the Vizcaya Teen Environmental Council, a group of visionary young leaders dedicated to environmental advocacy and community service. Their involvement underscores the importance of empowering the next generation to take action for a sustainable future.

How You Can Help

Join us in making a difference during Food Waste Prevention Week and beyond. By participating in our food collection drive, you’re not just donating food; you’re contributing to a larger movement towards sustainability and community support. Let’s come together to reduce food waste, alleviate hunger, and support a healthier environment for all!

Visit us at the Vizcaya Village Farmer’s Market and be a part of this incredible journey towards a greener Coconut Grove and a more compassionate world. Together, we can move the needle on food waste and make a lasting impact in our community.

Learn more about Food Waste Prevention Week and how you can get involved.

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