Gratitude Meditation | FREE Virtual Class

Woman in meditative pose.

Founded as the winter home of James Deering, Vizcaya has a long history of serving as a place of leisure and respite. The museum continues this tradition today by offering wellness programs for the community.

The latest of these comes in partnership with Mind Body Social. Watch the video below for a FREE gratitude meditation by Julianne Aarhee.

This class is part of W.O.W SoFlo, a series by Mind Body Social that brings you the ultimate virtual wellness experience with a series of livestreams from iconic South Florida locations. Stay tuned for the rest of W.O.W SoFlo’s schedule.


You can also check out this FREE preview of the Vizcaya Online Guided Meditation Series — three guided meditations taking place at different locations throughout the estate. Below is a full 10-minute class that you can check out for free.

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