Composting for a Greener Vizcaya

wooden box filled with composting materials

From Garbage to Greens

With sustainability as one of Vizcaya’s core values, we strive to be an environmentally conscious institution, taking new steps towards more green operations each year.

The museum’s Environmental Sustainability Committee has spent months researching and planning to launch a composting program that would repurpose all the food scraps and paper towel waste produced onsite. Rather than sending them to a landfill where they would take up valuable space and generate potent greenhouse gases, these materials now contribute to the health and well-being of Vizcaya’s gardens.

A Community Effort

Together with our composting partner, Compost for Life, Vizcaya’s composting program is going the extra mile. Not only are we composting all food scraps and paper waste generated on our properties, but we are also able to accept compost from the public.

Every Sunday at the Vizcaya Village Farmers Market, bright pink bins are put on display near the entrance to the Village, welcoming compost contributions from the community. Not only do we accept food waste from market vendors, but also from market attendees that they can bring from their own homes.  (Food waste includes kitchen scraps such as vegetable parings and coffee grounds, as well as paper products. No plastic, please.)

These contributions are composted along with everything else we’ve gathered, and, in 6 months, our compost partner returns with rich, nutritious earth to nourish Vizcaya’s lush formal gardens as well as the kitchen garden in Vizcaya Village, where we grow delicious and nutritious vegetables and herbs!

To learn more about the Vizcaya Village Farmers Market, click here.