The STORIES of Vizcaya

Introduction: A Massive Preservation Effort Vizcaya’s Waterfront Restoration project stands as a testament to the preservation efforts undertaken to protect this historical treasure, which has weathered the passage of time and natural disasters. Hurricane Irma, which hit Miami in 2017, impacted every major architectural element along Vizcaya’s waterfront. The Barge: Recovery and Restoration The Barge

Introduction to Romanticism Movement During the 18th century, an artistic movement known as Romanticism spread throughout Europe, seeking to evoke an idealized world of rural simplicity in contrast to the urban, industrialized centers of the cities. This nostalgic vision of a peaceful countryside was expressed through various art forms, including oil paintings and lead garden

The South Tower inside Vizcaya’s Main House is a visitor favorite. Home to Vizcaya’s famous spiral staircase, a frequent spot for photos, and four guest bedrooms, the Museum’s Collections and Maintenance teams have closed the space for a brief period to address a series of environmental and safety concerns. Now that the South Tower has

Ah, the 1920’s. A time of glitz and glamor, of jazz and flappers. The decade was known for its wild style, as well as the newfound freedom bestowed upon individuals.. During this era, fashion was daring and beautiful, incorporating unique statement pieces like feather boas, pearls, and even headbands. At Vizcaya, we celebrate the era

If you search Vizcaya on Google Earth, you’ll see a lush green space in the middle of Miami’s urban core. Those 50 acres, part of the original 180-acre James Deering estate, have been preserved as Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a mix of formal gardens, a rockland hammock, a mangrove shore, and an exquisitely restored historic

With support from the Janet Traeger Salz Charitable Trust, the second annual event, Creative Vizcaya, occurred in March 2023. Inspired by Vizcaya’s rich historic art collection, architecture, and design, Creative Vizcaya connects students with local artists to participate in art-making workshops. The program served 275 students from Booker T. Washington Senior High School, Everglades Preparatory

The Rich and Forgotten History of Black Coconut Grove podcast is a collaboration between legacy residents of Coconut Grove, a small community in Miami, FL, and Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. Through history, stories of triumph and perseverance and hopes for the future, as told by legacy residents, we’ll learn how heritage is powerful and empowers

Gaston Lachaise Lachaise (1882–1935) joined the Vizcaya project in mid-1920 as the formal gardens were nearing completion. A prominent sculptor, he was commissioned to create sculptural work on top of decorative columns for the Marine Garden. This garden marked the transition from the formal gardens to the more natural and wild Lagoon Gardens that no

In 2018, Vizcaya initiated conversations with Black legacy residents of Coconut Grove about our shared connections to Bahamian heritage. We learned that elderly Grove residents were concerned about recording their history considering both their age and how quickly their neighborhood was changing. As a result of this connection, for three years Vizcaya has been engaged

Every year, Vizcaya receives thousands of visitors who are intrigued by the array of historical décor and objects of centuries past. Upon entering the Entrance Hall, they are greeted by a pair of ornamental vases that Vizcaya’s patron, James Deering (1859-1925), acquired in July of 1916. Both marble objects are modeled after celebrated antique vases