Century-old fixtures shine

Restored light fixture.

Historic Lights Restored

Thanks to grants provided by American Express and The Villagers, Vizcaya has repaired and renewed two pairs of ornate metal and glass light fixtures that adorn the south and east façades of the Main House.

Return to splendor

A century of exposure to the marine environment took a toll on these decorative, functional objects. Vizcaya contracted Rosa Lowinger & Associates, a conservation firm with studios in Miami and Los Angeles, to lead a team of conservators, metal smiths, electricians, engineers and glass fabricators to bring these fixtures back to their former glory.

Research revealed an unexpected bronze-colored paint was originally applied to the fixtures. Conservation included cleaning, corrosion removal, loss compensation and repair, refinishing, re-wiring, replacement of broken glass and reinstallation, as well as the development of a de-install method for removal and storage during hurricane season.

It takes a team

Vizcaya thanks American Express and The Villagers for grants in support of this project.

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