Flowers in a Formal Italian Garden?

Pine pink orchid

Symmetry that guides the eye

Formal Italian gardens, like those found at Vizcaya, traditionally focus on symmetry with intricate lines that guide the eye. As such, this type of garden tends to be largely green and not feature many flowers. Currently, Vizcaya’s gardens proudly boast both a precise symmetrical design true to its Italian roots and also a widely colorful array of blooms that keep our visitors smiling.

The silver lining turns colorful

After Hurricane Irma, the horticulture staff had to replant a significant portion of the gardens, which had been ruined by salt water intrusion. They found a silver lining in the damage, and took the opportunity to add more color through new flowers.

“We planted flowers wherever we could to bring in pollinators,” said Vizcaya Horticulture Manager David Hardy. Not only was this important for the long-term health of the gardens, but also enhanced the visitor experience.


Return of the Rose Garden

Historically, the space currently known as the Fountain Garden was known as the Rose Garden. Due to hurricane damage, the Fountain Garden had not seen roses in more than 90 years. New rose blushes were planted in that space the summer of 2019 and we are looking forward to watching them grow.

Volunteer in the gardens

You can experience Vizcaya’s gardens alongside our horticulture staff by volunteering with us! Click below to learn more.


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