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Urban agriculture and farming Beyond Vizcaya livestream
Access to fresh, healthy food is a challenge many communities face. When Vizcaya first opened its doors in 1916, it had to create its own farm and village to ensure reliable access to quality food for its growing workforce.
Join us on May 24 at 1:30 p.m. as we discuss the modern challenges around food — healthy food access, nutritional information, environmental impact and more. We’ll explore Vizcaya Village and how the role of this historic farm has changed over the years and learn about Miami organizations who are addressing the issue of food disparity today, like Health in the Hood.
We’ll be joined by Vizcaya staff and Asha Walker, Executive Director of Health in the Hood, an organization dedicated to creating local vegetable gardens to feed and inform communities in need.
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About Beyond Vizcaya

Beyond Vizcaya is a multimedia storytelling project that connects past and present through the personal accounts of experts and enthusiasts. Participants focus on themes of migration, labor and cultural identity that are central to the origins and ongoing evolution of Vizcaya and south Florida as a whole. The project is generously funded by the Knight Foundation. Watch more stories at beyondvizcaya.org.


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