The STORIES of Vizcaya

BISCAYNE BAY DRIFT CARD STUDY Where’s that trash coming from? In 2016, Vizcaya approached the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science and CARTHE, a team of ocean scientists at the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science to start a conversation about trash and pollution at Vizcaya. Together we launched an

The Vizcaya Cafe and Shop has been fully remodeled and is now open for visitors to enjoy.
As part of the Beyond Vizcaya project, we were able to meet and tour the grandson of one of Vizcaya’s longest working employees – Eustace Edgecombe.

Salting the Earth Vizcaya’s Fountain Garden was once known by a different name. Originally, this space was designed to be a rose garden. It served as such when the gardens were completed in 1922. James Deering enjoyed the roses while he wintered here from November to March. When the Great Hurricane of 1926 hit Miami,

One of the smallest items in Vizcaya’s archives contains oversized information about daily life in South Florida in the 1920s. Frank Landon McGinnis, Vizcaya’s estate manager from 1919 until the 1930s, kept a daily work diary in 1922

As part of the Beyond Vizcaya storytelling project, Vizcaya will be hosting a livestream Tuesday (3/23) at 11:30 a.m. with Dr. Marvin Dunn where he will share stories about Black migration, labor, cultural identity, and Miami during the Jim Crow Era. We’ll be exploring these topics through history, from the time before Vizcaya existed all

Vizcaya has a long tradition of inspiring and commissioning works by contemporary artists. When the estate was first built in 1916, a number of prominent artists were invited to create works for the site. For example: Alexander Stirling Calder, the master sculptor responsible for the statues that adorn Vizcaya’s Barge; Robert Winthrop Chanler, an American

As part of the Beyond Vizcaya storytelling project, State Senator Shevrin Jones will be chatting with us LIVE on March 10 at 3:30 p.m. He will be sharing his family’s story as Bahamian immigrants, the community he represents, and how growing up in Miami has influenced his identity. Join us in this live discussion as

If you’ve heard about Spectral Vizcaya and wondered about this installation’s origins, take a step back with us. Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo’s first project at Vizcaya was Arrangements for a Concrete Box, part of the 2015 exhibition, “Fantastical Vizcaya,” which celebrated the theatrics of the estate as envisioned by Paul Chalfin, Vizcaya’s Artistic Director. In that commission,

Imagine the music As you walk through the timeless halls of Vizcaya’s Main House, you might feel as if a soundtrack is playing in your head. As you go from room to and room and traverse different periods of time, that music might change. First, you may think you hear a harp playing Baroque music