Quinceañeras: Memories in Bloom

Quinceañera Teen girl in red ball gown standing in a balcony

Quinceañera photo shoots are quite the tradition in Miami. Vizcaya is a place where people of diverse communities and backgrounds come together, and collectively shape its spirit. Vizcaya is featured in countless individual and communal memories, through the visitors who document their personal milestones and celebrations here.

Milestone celebrations

Generations of young women have used the estate to celebrate their Quinceañera, a girl’s transition from adolescent to adult on her 15th birthday. Quinceañera traditions, originating in Latin American culture, are widely recognized and celebrated in our community.

Vizcaya’s Mediterranean-inspired design, in a location where lush formal gardens meet the blue tropical waters of Biscayne Bay, provides a perfect setting for this significant celebration. A Quinceañera may be celebrated with a religious or social focus or both.

Watch the video below to relive the magic of this very special quince, which was themed after the fashions of 17th century France.

Strike a pose

On any given day, visitors will encounter Quinceañeras posing for photographs throughout the gardens. By tradition, their dresses are often designed with a hooped, or boned, skirt. It’s not uncommon for Quinceañeras to change into multiple outfits, to capture a formal ensemble as well as a more contemporary style.

Many families also choose to rent Vizcaya to observe a Quinceañera. In traditional receptions, the girl is formally accompanied by damas (maids of honor) and chambelánes (attendants), and the festivities include choreographed dances and toasts.


To capture your own special memories at Vizcaya and schedule a photo shoot, you can reserve a photography permit online.

Teen girl in purple ball gown in a gazebo for her quinceañera photo session.

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