The STORIES of Vizcaya

Vizcaya hit 100,000 followers on Instagram! When we asked our audience how we should celebrate, the top requests were discounts and giveaways and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We got the ball rolling by giving away 10 FREE tickets to the Vizcaya Late program on September 27 and now we’re giving away 100 FREE individual

HOW IT WORKS This online course is delivered through a series of pre-recorded videos that you’ll find on this page and on Vizcaya’s YouTube channel. Each of the four videos will focus on a specific type of orchid and how to best care for that specific variety. Among these instructions, you will also find demonstrations

Summer art-making programs have been a long-standing tradition at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, dating back to the 2016 launch of the museum’s Participatory Public Art (PPA) program. This series was designed to unite the community through artist-led experiences – all for FREE. In the summer of 2023, a new PPA project came to life through

Just like Charles Deering, his daughters followed in his footsteps when it came to art collecting. Both James and Charles had very distinct tastes in art and antiques, and by extension, Marion and Barbara also shared some of those tastes. Since James Deering was never married and had no children, when he passed away in

A Glimpse into the Cleaning Process Every year, the dedicated team at Vizcaya undertakes the colossal task of deep cleaning a specific room within the historic Main House. This process involves a comprehensive top-to-bottom cleaning, using a slow and meticulous process as well as conservation-grade solutions. Although time-consuming and resource-intensive, this is an important step

Every castle needs a moat and Vizcaya is no different. This feature of the estate goes largely unnoticed by visitors because of its location below the Piazza. As guests arrive at the estate and approach the admissions booth, they unknowingly walk right over the inconspicuous moat. The Origins The moat was originally used as

Vizcaya has been a witness to numerous significant occurrences in the history of Miami over the last century. Initially built in 1916 as the vacation home of the affluent businessman James Deering, it has since evolved into a revered public art museum. Throughout its existence, Vizcaya has actively engaged with the community and played a

Vizcaya: James Deering’s Winter Home The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens stand as a testament to the vision of businessman James Deering. Constructed between 1914 and 1922, this stunning villa encompasses 34 exquisitely decorated rooms, formal gardens, a mangrove shoreline, a hardwood hammock, and a historic village that once supported the estate. Now serving as a

The Glass Canopy: Protecting and Enhancing the Courtyard The central courtyard of Vizcaya’s Main House boasts a unique and ever-evolving landscape. Over the years, it has undergone several transformations, each resulting in a more tropical ambiance than the previous iterations. In 1983, the formerly open-air courtyard was enclosed with a glass canopy to safeguard the

Mr. Deering’s Sitting Room graces the second floor of the Main House with its grandeur. Designed in the neoclassical style, the room exudes symmetry, rigid lines, and opulent gilding, reminiscent of the 1750s European aesthetic associated with Napoleon Bonaparte. This style also extends to other rooms, including James Deering’s bedroom, creating an aura of timeless