Paint like Sargent at Vizcaya

Watercolor paints and supplies

Did you know that visitors can paint en plein air in the gardens and follow in the footsteps of American watercolorist John Singer Sargent?

Sargent and Vizcaya

Sargent came to Miami in 1917 to visit James Deering’s brother, Charles, at the Deering Estate. The visit was supposed to be a short one, but when Charles brought him to Vizcaya, Sargent extended his stay by weeks to paint here.

The result was a breathtaking collection of works, many of which you can find at the Met and the Art Institute of Chicago. Sargent painted the Barge under construction, sculptures, and even staff lounging on a private staff beach.

A boat painted with watercolors at Vizcaya.
A mesmerizing paint at Vizcaya, capturing the elegance of a hallway adorned with columns and vases.
A vibrant watercolor painting capturing the serene beauty of a garden with statues at Vizcaya.

Sargent also painted a portrait of James Deering, a copy of which hangs outside Deering’s bedroom.

How You Can Paint at Vizcaya

Vizcaya has been a source of inspiration and creativity for its visitors, even before if became a public museum in 1954. You can continue following this tradition by sketching and painting in the gardens.

As Vizcaya is a National Historic Landmark, please note that only select materials are approved for use on site. Plan your artist date in advance by reviewing the approved list of materials here.

Find a shady spot outside and be inspired! Plan your visit to Vizcaya and click below to reserve your tickets.


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