Vizcaya is not just about preserving the past. With its lush formal gardens, rich habitats and endangered landscapes, the museum is also focused on cultivating a sustainable future. This year, Vizcaya is proud to announce its participation in Food Waste Prevention Week, a pioneering national initiative aimed at reducing food waste, supporting our environment, and

In an elegant tribute to the pillars of our community, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, in collaboration with Edible South Florida and Urban Oasis Project, proudly reinstated the cherished Dinner for Farmers. This distinctive event, celebrated at the historic Vizcaya Village on the evening of March 21, commemorates the tireless efforts of local farmers in nourishing

Join us for Earth Month to celebrate our unique South Florida’s environment and promote food resilience at the Vizcaya Village Farmers Market! Explore more than 30 local vendors, take a tour or a yoga class ($5 pp), plant seeds, support your neighborhood food bank and much more.

Think of composting as nature’s own recycling process. It’s a simple yet transformative practice that turns your everyday kitchen scraps and yard waste into nutrients for your garden or potted plants. Imagine taking things like banana peels, apple cores, and fallen leaves and turning this would-be waste into rich, fertile soil that breathes life into

Introduction: A Massive Preservation Effort Vizcaya’s Waterfront Restoration project stands as a testament to the preservation efforts undertaken to protect this historical treasure, which has weathered the passage of time and natural disasters. Hurricane Irma, which hit Miami in 2017, impacted every major architectural element along Vizcaya’s waterfront. The Barge: Recovery and Restoration The Barge

Global warming and climate change are global phenomena, but there are many things we can do as individuals to help mitigate their effects. Or, shall we say, help mitigate our own carbon footprint. If you’ve got a case of the green thumb, then you may be unaware that some of your gardening habits could be

Vizcaya is home to so much more than art and history. A variety of wild creatures live in and around the property, and every year, Wild Vizcaya brings scientists and visitors together to learn more about them.