Creativity illuminates Vizcaya

Vizcaya's main House is illuminated with light projections during Spectral Vizcaya

Spectral Vizcaya, participatory public art:
Creating magic for Deering’s winter estate

Commissioning creative talents to work with Vizcaya is as old as the estate itself—James Deering, Vizcaya’s owner, contracted artists to produce works for his winter estate more than 100 years ago.

We continue that practice today with Spectral Vizcaya, part of an annual tradition at Vizcaya, where people from the Miami-Dade community work alongside professional, practicing artists to create a spectacular illuminated evening. These community members also volunteer as cast members during a public performance for over several hundred guests.

It was a delightful evening of creativity, art and illumination; enchanting.

2018 participant

These projects highlight aspects of the estate that are unseen or shed a new light, sometimes literally, on stories we know but have not yet shared.

This year, we are thrilled to work with local artist Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo, who will light up the night of February 26, 2021 with Spectral Vizcaya.

Apparitions will repopulate the gardens for a festive night of phantom memories that return for a winter party reminiscent of the Deering era. Interactive projections and shadow theater will bring to life the history of Vizcaya as visions of light. Guests are invited to dress in their finest tropical winter wear and meet the spirits of Vizcaya for a magical one-night-only event.

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