Sharing Vizcaya Love Stories

Bride and Groom being blessed by officiant.

Vizcaya is proud to be a place where love blooms. Our visitors have been finding and celebrating love here for decades and we take the time to honor that tradition every February with #VizcayaLoveStory.

This year, we are taking these stories from social media to Vizcaya’s Main House by displaying the couple’s photos throughout for an entire month.

Learn more about each couple and their love stories. Read their first-hand accounts below. We will continue to add more stories through the month as submissions are received.

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Jessica Carlson & Julissa Lane

“We met on a dating app, Bumble, and quickly found an effortless flow in our conversations and connection. Five months into our relationship, Jessica took the leap and proposed on the beach at sunrise.

As discussions lead up to engagement pictures, we both excitedly chose Vizcaya even though Julissa had never been. We were magically transported into a dream surrounded by lush gardens and views on the day of our photography it was so much more than both of us ever expected and look forward to our new tradition of visiting every year.”

Two brides engagement photo at Vizcaya, Vizcaya Love Story
Jessica Carlson & Julissa Lane; photo by Marjorie Fritz

Jose Luis & Cuqui Encinosa

We met the summer after graduating from high school here in Miami, introduced by his cousin, and two years later we got engaged. We married in 1967 and had our wedding reception at Vizcaya.

From the first time we visited, we wanted our reception at this magical place and it was the best choice. We love Vizcaya and visit from time to time and ever since then, we have been members.

For our 50th Wedding Anniversary we chose Vizcaya again for our photo shoot and the pictures are incredible creating lasting memories. It’s been a wonderful life for us, we have traveled the world, raised a family and life is good.

Senior couple celebrate their wedding anniversary with a photoshoot
Jose Luis & Cuqui Encinosa celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. Photo by Enrique Muñoz

Amanda and Jessica Gerow

My wife Jessica is from Miami and I am from Boca Raton. We met up in Central Florida but South Florida obviously holds special places in our hearts.

We knew we wanted to have kids so when it was our time 2 years later… We wanted some place breathtaking in Miami and we both have been to Vizcaya as kids. [Our photographer] Stephanie Sonju said she had taken photos there that it was amazing especially the light closer to sundown.

When my wife became pregnant, we knew we had to go back and recreate some of the same magic as our first shoot, but this time including our first daughter! We do want to come back with our 2nd daughter and recreate our final pictures there as a complete family!

Amanda and Jessica Gerow celebrate their growing family. Photo by Stephanie Sonju

Roshana Gossoff and Arturo Vasquez

Both of us were born and raised in Miami, and we actually went to the same high school. Each of us has our own fond memories of Vizcaya. As locals, it was a constant in our lives. My husband remembers school field trips there, and it holds a particularly special place in my heart.

My most vivid childhood memories (and photos) are from days spent roaming the gardens, and I can easily say I have always considered it the most beautiful place in the city.

I think I grew very attached to it from an early age and I always knew that my tie to Vizcaya would only strengthen. It felt fitting — and almost predestined — that we chose it [as the location for] our special day, surrounded by the people we love while Abba songs were played by violins.

Roshana Gossoff and Arturo Vasquez get married at Vizcaya. Photo by Alisa Ferris.


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