Contemporary artist David Rohn’s installation returns to Vizcaya

A project grounded in history

As part of a 2016 effort to ensure that Vizcaya’s original staff would not be forgotten, contemporary artist David Rohn was commissioned to explore the museum’s archives to learn more about personnel from 1916-1925. The result was help, seventeen self-portraits, with the artist portraying himself as key staff members. Rohn’s project reintroduces these vital figures to Vizcaya.

Look carefully and discover more

The portraits are displayed throughout the Main House, allowing visitors to discover these individuals the same way James Deering’s guests might have encountered them; in corners or nooks, working to complete their tasks in the most invisible way possible.

Contemporary Arts Program and Vizcaya

Vizcaya’s Contemporary Arts Program (CAP) commissions artists to develop site-specific work inspired by Vizcaya. The program, initiated in 2006, draws on the spirit of creative dialogue that characterized Vizcaya’s founding, provides visitors with new ways of seeing the historic estate, and strengthens relations with contemporary artists.

This exhibition of help is a reinstallation of the original 2016 artist commission. Learn more about the Contemporary Arts Program in our online book, Lost Spaces and Stories of Vizcaya: 10 years of the Contemporary Arts Program and 100 years of Vizcaya.