Psych Professor Talks Black Miami and its History | BEYOND VIZCAYA

Black Miami with Dr. Marvin Dunn

As part of the Beyond Vizcaya storytelling project, Vizcaya will be hosting a livestream Tuesday (3/23) at 11:30 a.m. with Dr. Marvin Dunn where he will share stories about Black migration, labor, cultural identity, and Miami during the Jim Crow Era. We’ll be exploring these topics through history, from the time before Vizcaya existed all the way to the present day.

Dr. Dunn worked as a community psychology professor at Florida International University for over 30 years and has authored books that include “Black Miami” and “A History of Florida Through Black Eyes.” He specializes in the application of instructional and behavioral strategies centered around race relations and at-risk youth.

Click below to watch on YouTube now.

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Beyond Vizcaya is a multimedia storytelling project that connects past and present through the personal accounts of experts and enthusiasts. Participants focus on themes of migration, labor and cultural identity that are central to the origins and ongoing evolution of Vizcaya and south Florida as a whole. The project is generously funded by the Knight Foundation. Learn more at

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