Baynaza contests open for entries

Hand-drawn pencil artwork for Baynanza bookmark design featuring mangroves with a bird in the roots.

Celebrate Biscayne Bay 

Vizcaya is a proud partner and supporter of Miami-Dade County’s annual Baynanza, Biscayne Bay Cleanup Day. Vizcaya and the County’s Department of Economic and Regulatory Resources host a design contest to 1) encourage students in Miami-Dade to celebrate Biscayne Bay and understand its significance as one of the most important ecosystems in South Florida, and 2) recognize adult and youth amateur photographers for capturing the beauty and importance of Biscayne Bay’s ecosystem.

For the student portion of the contest, all Miami-Dade County elementary, middle and high school students are eligible to participate in the design contest for Baynanza 2020. Students create and enter a drawing that portrays Biscayne Bay and its unique natural environment. 

*Class of winning student (first place) will get a field trip to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens with free admission and transportation for the current school year!

Adults and youth of all ages may submit to the amateur photography contest. 

Contest requirements and submission information  –



To see the results of the 2019 year, visit our story about the Baynanza winners.