Purple Vanda orchid.


A return to the 1920s

In the 1910s James Deering had requested a landscape full of orchids in the wooded area surrounding the North Lawn, which is why that location was selected for The David A. Klein Orchidarium. Working with landscape architects Falcon + Bueno and with the benefit of archival research, the Orchidarium was designed almost exactly like the 1920s original, with a geometrically refined lawn, a hedge and paths surrounded by native plants. The paths that define the edges of the garden align with the stairs on the north side of the Main House, re-establishing the close relationship between landscape and architecture central to Vizcaya. 

Ecological and elegant

The David A. Klein Orchidarium differs from the 1922 precedent in two important ways: The landscape architects substituted some of the original plants with specimens that are today considered more ecologically appropriate and they designed elegant stainless steel “stems” to blend into the surrounding dense foliage and gracefully display an abundance of orchids. 

Seeking peace

Vizcaya’s orchid program was established and is still supported through the generous bequest of David A. Klein, an orchid lover who sought peace in Vizcaya’s gardens during his final days. In his honor, the David A. Klein Orchidarium was created in 2001. Since that time, Vizcaya has also introduced orchids throughout the estate, in its majestic oak trees and in the Main House. 

With grateful thanks

The 2001 recreation of the Orchidarium was made possible through the generous support of the David A. Klein Foundation, Miami-Dade County’s “Building Better Communities” General Obligation Bond, Jayne and Leonard Abess Foundation, The Batchelor Foundation, Inc., and the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners. 


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Orange oncidium orchid.

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