A visit with William Edgecombe Jr. 

Vizcaya aims to tie valuable memories of the past with events of today through efforts that include sharing authentic stories from real people. This is the essence behind the Beyond Vizcaya project. 

We were able to make an impactful connection by meeting with the grandson of Eustace Edgecombe, a Bahamian immigrant and Vizcaya employee of 52 years who served as Houseman during James Deering’s era. Watch the video to follow William Edgecombe, a Miami local, as he learns more about his grandfather’s role at Vizcaya while touring the estate. 

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Eustace Edgecombe migrated to Miami from the Bahamas as a teen. He found a job at Vizcaya as a water boy, and quickly climbed the ranks and became a the estate’s houseman. He went on to work at Vizcaya for over 50 years, and played a tremendous role in it’s transition into a museum. 

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