Rooted in History, Reinventing the Future

Miami’s Cultural Hub
Vizcaya welcomes our community for an immersive experience where history, art and nature converge. Most of us are familiar with Vizcaya’s extraordinary bayfront house and gardens. Located across South Miami Avenue from these is a lesser-known, but equally impressive part of our community’s history waiting to be discovered—the Vizcaya Village. Today we embark on a plan to restore the Village to create vibrant new programs for all of Miami-Dade County to enjoy.


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Just steps from public transit and the future Underline, the Vizcaya Village will welcome pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, school groups, families, those who want to learn, and those looking to connect with nature. No matter your interest, Vizcaya Village will be THE place to gather and connect like never before.


Sheltered under large banyan trees, the Vizcaya Village features 11 architecturally significant buildings on 12 acres. Built in 1916 to make Vizcaya self-sufficient, the Village included staff quarters, a garage and workshops, barns, and greenhouses and fields that supplied fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables. The Village restoration will realize the full potential of Vizcaya as a cultural hub through year-round innovative programming and green space for residents and visitors. The property’s current $87.4 million economic impact will only multiply with the rebirth of the Village.

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Rendering of proposed plans for the Vizcaya Village.

Proposed Initial Work

  • Welcome the public to enjoy campus of historic architecture and native plants
  • Provide easy access to Metrorail and Underline at 32nd Road gate and open neighborhood Café in the Superintendent’s House
  • Relocate visitor arrival to the Village Garage and establish exhibits that tell the story of Vizcaya’s past
  • Provide a base for horticultural operations, build a greenhouse and launch Caribbean-based urban farm programs with community partners
  • Reclaim entire site by removing non-historic structures and create pine grove and privacy wall for neighbors Approximately $5 million
Vizcaya Village’s Urban Farming Program

Proposed Interim Work

  • Create new programs for students and families in the historic Farm Quadrangle
  • Establish archival exhibits and a reference library in the Staff Residence
  • Invite the public to participate in the museum’s professional activities at a conservation lab and open storage in the Poultry Barn
  • Approximately $9 million to be raised
The interior of the Vizcaya Village propagation house in a photo dating to around 1917

Proposed Future Facilities

  • Build new “Community Courtyard” with exhibition gallery, auditorium and other public amenities near east edge of Village
  • Refurbish and landscape parking lot
  • Build additional greenhouses to accommodate site-wide horticulture needs
  • Build work spaces along west edge
  • Approximately $21 million to be raised