This larger-than-life stone sculpture dates to the eighteenth century and has been welcoming visitors to the entrance Piazza at Vizcaya since 1916, the year construction for the main house was finished. Like all other objects and furniture in the house, the statue was acquired by James Deering with the savvy eye of his artistic director,

The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season was one of the most active, deadly, and destructive in history. By means of lessons learned from Hurricane Irma’s impact on Vizcaya, this paper explores the intersection of preparedness and mitigation, pragmatic strategies for bolstering site-specific readiness, and the merits of partnership between heritage practitioners, institutions, and their communities toward

When you walk through Vizcaya’s Main House, you will notice that many of the rooms feature stanchions or barricades that limit where visitors can walk and reach. You may also see signs asking guests not to touch objects or sit on historic furniture. So why can’t you go in there? Like those of other museums,

This remarkable historic collection is now online, available for researchers or anyone who would like to view museum objects and archival materials up close with detailed information. It has been a long-term goal to provide online access to Vizcaya’s object and archival collections, and the pandemic lockdown made it possible to focus on this project.

Miami's Community Newspapers features Vizcaya's restoration of a standing stone candelabrum.

One of a kind Vizcaya’s Swimming Pool Grotto is one of the most distinctive and engaging spaces at the estate. It’s also easy to miss. The grotto is tucked away between the Vizcaya Café and Shop and the Orchidarium on the North side of the Main House. An indoor-outdoor space, half of the pool is

The Vizcaya Cafe and Shop has been fully remodeled and is now open for visitors to enjoy.

30 Years in the Making Nestled in the mangrove forest and along an estuary from Biscayne Bay, the Marine Garden is an immersive tropical experience. At the edge of Vizcaya’s formal gardens, urban Miami melts away and visitors encounter a more wild, natural Vizcaya. It was designed to store fish when James Deering spent winter

All donations made on Give Miami Day will go to the COVID Recovery Fund which helps to protect 100 years of history and for Vizcaya to continue serving the community.
Vizcaya Museum and Gardens has been awarded a $500,000 Save America’s Treasures matching grant in support of the restoration of the Superintendent’s House located in Vizcaya Village. The Superintendent’s House is one of 11 historic buildings found in the Village.