a digital future for south florida’s natural and cultural heritage

As the pressures of rapidly growing populations and climate volatility mount, South Florida’s natural and cultural heritage need every advantage they can get. On May 16 at 2:30 p.m. Eastern, Beyond Vizcaya will host a live, interactive discussion on how technology is being used to meet the challenge. Watch the broadcast here, or at Vizcaya’s Facebook page.

Join the conversation with Jennifer Tisthammer, executive director of Deering Estate, and Sujin Kim, director of the Envision Heritage program at the University of Florida as they explore how these technologies are helping communities to cope with challenges like storms and sea level rise.

Sujin will be using a LIDAR scanner to create a 3D model of Vizcaya’s Living Room, where the livestream will be taking place.

In 2017, Envision Heritage scanned Vizcaya’s Barge. Interact with the 3D model created of the Barge at virtualvizcaya.org.

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BELOW: We’ll be selecting three comments/ questions from the audience to receive this 3D print detail of Vizcaya’s barge that were created using 3D documentation technologies.

3D print of Vizcaya Barge Detail