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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Gustavo Matamoros November 16, 2006–February 1, 2007

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    Miami-based sound artist Gustavo Matamoros kicked off the Contemporary Arts Project series with his installation Organic Pipes. Intrigued that Vizcaya’s Courtyard had been open to the exterior and enlivened with the sounds of nature until a skylight was built in the 1980s, Matamoros developed a project that explored the role of sound at Vizcaya and in everyday life.

    Matamoros made high-fidelity recordings of James Deering’s organ rolls as they played on Vizcaya’s historic pipe organ. He then manipulated these recordings to create a five-track sound installation in the Courtyard. Because the tracks were of unequal duration, the composition was ever changing.

    Organic Pipes was designed to match certain frequencies in Vizcaya’s architecture. When visitors heard these sounds, they also experienced the architecture in a new, unexpected way. ORGAN also included a 50-minute composition for the opening event on November 15, 2006.

    About the Artist

    Gustavo Matamoros is a Miami-based experimental sound artist and composer from Venezuela.

    He lectures periodically about his work with sound, and has taught critical listening and creative sound design at Design and Architecture Senior High (DASH) and at Miami International University of Art and Design.

    Matamoros has received many awards and commissions from music, theater, visual and media art organizations and government agencies, as well as significant support for his curatorial projects as artistic director of Subtropics Experimental Music and Sound Arts Festival.

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